AncientCopán: a virtual world reconstruction

Stela H, depicting 18 Rabbit

Stela H, depicting 18 Rabbit Image via Wikipedia

AncientCopán is a 3D world that re-creates an archaeological site (Copán: Mayan name Xukpi) and shows its appearance in c. 750AD. Copán was an influential cultural centre of the southern Mayan region (now western Honduras) during the Classical Period.  Its decline can be dated from c.  738 AD when its ruler, the popular  18 Rabbit (pictured in the stela detail to the right), was captured and killed by Cauac Sky, the ruler of the rival city-state of Quiriguá, . Copán was largely abandoned soon after and remained unexplored by Europeans until the middle of the 19th century.  Site excavations over the last fifty years have gradually revealed a large metropolis comprised of temples, pyramids and other buildings or cultural spaces. The image below shows a player entering the Ball Court of Copán, a feature of most large cities in the Mayan and Aztec worlds, as he appears in the 3D reconstruction.

Ball Court Player in AncientCopan

Ball Court Player in AncientCopan

The virtual site is currently nearing completion and will be available in a download version and as a multiplayer online game in the near future.

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